Choose right item, then click on it to download the icon image. When done, it will showed in the left side.
If you found too much, change the name to make it more exact what you need.

Here comes the results.
Result / Message
The website is still developing. If you think site is not working good, always try reload site first with F5 key (due new code changes).
If you have questions, ask on BDO forum to Xenosaga.
Clicked position coords: Center map
Unknown - please click on map
Show Gathering type:

Find resource, item or node:

Search in: Resource Node Item
No results. Search first a item.
You have no permission to use Edit part.

If you want help with the database, please contact with me. You can visit BDO forum or find me below ingame:

Player name: Kos_Mos (Family: Xenosaga)
Server: Alustin (mainly Calpheon A2)
Guild: FairyTail_Guild
Resource: Nothing! Choose it first!
Find resource before place markers. Not found? Then you may add new resource.

No results. Search first one.
You can place many markers you want for each resource.
Wrong marker? Click on the map marker and choose "Remove me" from the popup.

Choose first resource.
Marker options:
Draw Circle
Enable auto marker.

Draw Polygon
Use editor function on the map ->

How can you find this resource?

Check this if you want move marker to new crosshair position. Default disabled. (Not for polygons)
Resource name:

How can you get this resource?

Choose good color for marker.

Link to node if needed. Not for general resources. More like NPCs and fishing spots.

Check the name for type errors first!
Start it with capital letter.

When done, you can upload a screenshot in next tab Image.
If the resource has some items, you can go to tab Item and add items to the resource.
Uploaded image for the resource. This is a screenshot how it will look in the game.

If you don't see a screenshot below here, please upload it. Make sure the resource is good visible.
Uploaded image will showed here
  Image 1/2      
List items for resource. Use Find item to link the items to resource (drop or sell).
No results. Use "Find Item" for it and add to the list.

If you cannot find one, use "Edit item" for new item, then search here again. Mark item green and you can also edit it in "Edit item" tab.
No results. Find a item.
First mark item green, then you can fill the fields and add to the resource list. (Sell = always)
Drop Chance: % (0-100) or X = always
Item name:
What can you do with this item?

Upload the icon here, if the icon is not visible. The icons can taken from, find the right item, then right-click on icon and download it.
Add item first before you can upload icon.
When just added, you can go to Find item tab. Search it again, fill other fields in and you can add it to the resource list.

You may upload icon now.
Add node: place first crosshair on the map. Type name, choose nodetype and fill in fields worker/points. Then it will show as new marker on the map.
If you make a mistake, click on the marker on the map for popup, choose "Edit me". You can remove it, but be careful, this will remove lines too. If node is only at wrong place, use "Edit me" and enable move option.

Mark first on map!
Has items for workers: Yes (add items)
Contribution points:

Check this if you want move node to new crosshair position. Default disabled.
Add Nodetype:

Add or choose first the nodetype. Then you can upload the icon. If the icon is not visible, please upload it.
No results. Add first a nodetype.
How to make a nodelink?
Make sure some nodes are added. Click on the nodes for popup, choose 'Link me' and they will added below. Confirm it and line will appear.
Wrong line? Click on the line and choose "Remove me".
Clicked wrong node? Reset it, and try again.

Node 1:
Node 2:

If you cannot find one, go to "Item" tab and use "Edit item" for new item, then search here again.
No results. Find a item.

List items for node:
No items found.
Add Gathertype:

Add or choose first the gathertype. Then you can upload the icon. If the icon is not visible, please upload it.
No results. Add first a type.
Add Crafttype:

Add or choose first the crafttype. Then you can upload the icon. If the icon is not visible, please upload it.
No results. Add first a type.
Add Place:

Add or choose first the place. Then you can upload the icon. If the icon is not visible, please upload it.
No results. Add first a place.
>> Choose or drag image here. <<
WHAT IS THIS? Gathering Map is designed as interactive marking map for every resource like:
- NPC locations
- Gathering resources (ores, wood, fish)
- Special mobs locations
- almost everything you want/can mark...
Here you can help others with position information. But also for yourself. This will make also guild missions like Trade and Gathering more easier.

Because this website is unique compared to other BDO maps (Tome and Foundry - both are pretty static, limited), you can do much more here for your gameplay.

RULES Only registered users may add and edit data. Good users can marked as Trusted users. That means the data will marked as valid. Other users will controlled on correct data by me and trusted users. Wrong use of Editor = banned!
Guests may use Search function freely for own use.

SEARCH The search function is easy: just type the word and it will search for every resource matches, but also for item matches. You may also search on Gathering type.
Each resource will have a screenshot for better recognize how it looks. Click on the found resource will show the spots on the map. That is all.

EDITOR The editor is pretty wide in use. You will start with make a new resource as first step. Add the screenshot for the resource. Then you can place a marker or many markers for the resource.
Read guide first:
Because every resource has "loot table", you will go to Item tab and link every item to the resource. You can fill in drop chance and comment for every item, so players can see it.

Every resource has Gathering type. Every item has Crafting type. And items have also Place information. That makes them better recognizable what you can do with them. The Search function will show it for other players.

There is also Node editor, but this is for world map use and link lines. You will not use it if it's already updated. Only if the future updates changed the game a bit (new lines, new spots, another names) then you can fix it easy.

Have fun and make a good use of my Gathering Map. Thank you!




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User custom Markers
Here you can add own markers on the map and save them. The code will added later, please wait.
One thing is sure: you must register for it to use the feature and save all your markers.
Convert database for Pixels coords
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